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There is never a dinner party conversation that doesn’t turn to the questions “a jeweller, how did you get into that?” So I would like to share my story with you.

When I was in my early 20’s a very close friend of mine passed away, has was like a family member to me. We met when we were in grade 2, and we both transferred to a new school at the same time. We first connected in the playground and I remember introducing myself and saying

“hey, I m new too”,

Something we joked about for years. Before he passed away we were involved in business together and he had a significant influence on my life, he taught me to drive, shared life lessons and made lots of memories together.

At the time he passed away I was looking for a piece of jewellery for each of us to celebrate our business success. Regardless of where I looked, how hard I look nothing represented all the key components of our business and friendship. In order to commemorate his life I continued to search for the perfect piece, it was at this time I was introduced to the custom jewellery process. The jeweller was a master diamond setting, who owned one of the top retail store in Canada. We instantly connected and he talked me through the process, and what my options could be. We picked an initial design and then want back and forth with many different adjustments and variations on the design. Once the piece was complete and I saw the emotional contribution, the attention to detail and the work to represent my friend and I, and I said,

“Wow, this is something I want to be part of”.

From there I reached out to my jeweller and asked what process was required to gain education in the sector. Usually those taken in at the Eginliyan Setting House need a background in the business and referral to be taken on. From there I was incredibly lucky, that by showing persistence and commitment to the craft, that my then jeweller and setter offered to take me on as an apprentice. That master is now my metor and colleague today.

My inspiration for creating new pieces is to be different. I see jewellery as art, and just like art you don’t necessarily want to same piece as your friends.

I have always felt that being able to build something for my clients and building it from scratch as everyone is individual, and I strive to create jewellery that represents you.

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