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Notability is a combination of two words, notable and ability, we are all worthy of being noticed, we are all important, and we all possess great abilities.

When I think back to the understanding and knowledge that was given to myself growing up, I came to know that for us, as a people, reading and writing was denied.

Driven by my desire for my children to enjoy reading and to see reflections of their greatness, my “now” moment came when I went to purchase a book for my niece, one that showed her the beauty of a child that looked like her. So to the bookstore I went, pulled out my list, and started searching. Of about 20 books I had named, only one was available.

I set on a path to open a bookstore; one that caters to diversity of all ages, that would travel into the community providing more accessibility. Thus Notability started to take shaped.

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