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Mia’s World Book Series

Mia’s World Book Series


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Divorce and/or separation are unfortunate occurrences that children have difficulty understanding. “Mommy Lives Here & Daddy Lives There”, is not only compelling but hopes to uplift and share a positive narrative of how relationships can still work as long as communication and dedication are present, in addition to the greatest of these which is love.

Birthday Party at Daddy‘s House”, is book series number two. Mia is overjoyed while celebrating her fifth birthday at Daddy‘s House-with a special guest. Her Mommy! Mia is happy to celebrate her birthday with BOTH of her parents despite their living arrangements.  This colourful picture book brings awareness to a topic that is often underrepresented.

Mia’s World Book Series was fostered through my own co parenting experience. I’d love to talk further if we can connect at your convenience.

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