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Product Description

How Inaygia got its name

Well Inaygia is a name that came to me one day. I thought it sounded like a very pretty and feminine name; a name I’d call my daughter if I had one. And having a business is almost like having a child, so I named my beauty brand Inaygia. It turns out Inaygia means both ‘holy’ and ‘dawn’ in Greek, which is definitely very fitting for the brand.

How the BB Creams came about

I could not, for the life of me, find any BB Creams, let alone organic BB Creams that fit my skintone. I didn’t want heavy foundation, as I was traveling to the hot Caribbean and nothing was available to me. When I came back from my trip, I started formulating my own makeup with the help of my skincare formulating skills.

I then decided to start selling it, because I knew I was not the only one going through makeup struggles. Even before I switched to natural makeup, I could not find my shade. I would get matched at makeup counters by people who ended up trying to sell me two shades or a shade completely off. I personally was not buying multiple shades to mix and match to my own skintone. Especially when I change colours from winter to summer.
Instead of not catering to the immense amount of women who need matching foundation shades like most brands out there, I’m embracing diversity and plan to have a perfect shade for every skintone in the coming years.
Brand Ethos

Inaygia is a clean beauty brand, paving the way with customized makeup for all. We strive to make completely organic and vegan makeup products that serve dual purposes for your skin and make finding your perfect shaded easier.
Owner and Product Formulator

Inaygia is the brainchild of Sasha Alexander, a creative entrepreneur.
Armed with two diplomas in organic formulation, a degree in broadcasting as well as public relations, Sasha decided to venture out on her own to create one of the most unique makeup brands to date.

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