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Hybrid Garb (originally Hybridz) was created based on a direct comparison between twin brothers Omar and Jammar Allison. The essence of the brand stems from the dualities and parallels between them. Often referred to as “the good twin and the bad twin”, the brand was constructed around this idea, illustrated with two wolves’ side by side. “We are so much alike, yet so very different. I am more of the calm, understanding, and less confrontational type. JK (Jammar) is a bit more aggressive, more direct, standing his ground very firmly on his beliefs and never backing down.” – Omar.

JK was taken from us in June of 2018, yet it feels like just yesterday. I remember how that entire day went and it haunts me to this day. I really wonder how people do this; how people move on from losing a loved one. Maybe my situation is a little different. Maybe because he’s not just my brother, but my twin. Maybe that bond is as strong and superstitious as people claim. The reality is that it’s the unknown. My mind has been destroyed. Every night I play over the events that took place that day. The only thing is that the ending to this nightmare changes every night, because I don’t have real life closure. Is he dead or alive? And if he is dead, how did he die? Was it quick? Did he suffer? Was he scared? All the unknowns are the real killer here. How am I expected to move forward?

I was, and still am, going insane day after day. What the hell should I do? Morning after morning I find myself fighting myself. The “mental battle”; one of positive vs. negative thoughts. I should go out into the streets and find out who did this and make them wish they had taken me as well… or maybe not. Maybe I should leave it in God’s hands and pray. I can tell you right now, when they say “the mental battle is half the fight” in anything you do, they are 100% right. I am losing that battle. I cry every morning and every night. I’ve even thought about suicide a few times. I shake my head even writing that, an act I once never understood how people think such a thing. But now, I see. I see more than ever that mental health is a severely real thing. Every day in Toronto, and pretty much everywhere around the world, someone is dealing with a devastating loss due to violence. They are losing their mental battles, and I believe this is a part of the reason the violence is still occurring. Hurt, torn, and mentally ill people are hurting each other in hopes of finding closure or filling their empty hearts. One of the few things that help me fight my mental battles and keeps me close to my brother is working on Hybrid Garb. Jk loved it, and I was so proud of him for all the creativity and time he put into it all. It is incredible to see where we started and where we are now. A process I will never forget, and I will never give up on.

I maintain and develop the meaning behind our brand. I want to focus on the battle between the two wolves of opposite personalities. They reflect the mental battles people face every day. The battle that is within us all, whether we acknowledge it or not.

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