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Dr. Catherine Newry

Dr. Catherine Newry


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I want to help, because I’ve been there. I used to have the worst periods (the heavy flow, terrible cramps, makes you cry, can’t function without a painkiller – if you take it just in time kind of period) and no one could tell me why. The only solution my family doctor had was for me to go on the pill. Even in my early teens, I knew I didn’t want to go on the pill and that it wasn’t a real solution. So I suffered. For years. And guess what, no one tells you that your hormones affect more just your cycle or that other aspects of your health impact your cycle! ‍♀️

When I discovered naturopathic medicine for myself, it wasn’t because I wanted help for my health problems, but actually because I wanted a job. Ha! I was in my second or third year of university studying Biomedical Science and had as a plan to attend conventional medical school. Naturopathic medicine wasn’t even near my radar, but I decided to look for work as a medical receptionist and ended up applying to work for an amazing naturopath. At the interview she asked if I knew what she did. I admitted that although I had gone on her website, I truthfully didn’t really understand what she what a naturopathic doctor did, but that I did know that I was fully capable of doing the job. She simply told me that I would learn and hired me. And I learned a lot! I fell in love with this form of healthcare.

What really stood out to me were the principles of supporting the body to do what it was meant to do, as well as supporting it’s ability to heal itself. I also really appreciate that naturopathic doctors take on the role of health educators. I struggled for so long to figure out what was going on with my own body, and I love being able to help other women to understand their bodies and transform their health so that they don’t have to continue to struggle.

In my practice, I work with motivated and driven women who are done with feeling like their body hates them and want to take control of their well-being. If you are ready to finally understand your body, take control of your cycle and transform your health. I can’t wait to work with you.

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