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Bohten Eyeglasses


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Inspired by the beauty of the landscapes found in Ghana, Nana Boateng Osei, began a project to combine a love of nature, style and Africa into an eyewear company, called Bohten Eyewear. Growing up as a Third Culture Kid he saw firsthand the impact of culture and travel on how we relate to each other. It’s no surprise that Bohten in many ways represents contrasting identities, shifting cultural paradigms and challenging the status quo. Bohten asks a fundamental question: what if world-class, sustainable and stylish eyewear was made in Africa? It is this overarching question that keeps us busy as we work towards creating good quality eyewear and providing meaningful service to our customers.

Many people are limited in their quality of life because they cannot see clearly. We help people live better lives every day through crafted, functional and lightweight frames made from reclaimed materials. Whether a subtle accessory, a necessity or a conversation starter, our eyewear has helped people connect to nature, each other and themselves.With a heart that is as social as it is entrepreneurial; we create a positive impact on people’s lives by reducing the impact of commerce on the environment. The use of discarded materials, especially reclaimed wood sourced from West Africa serve as a key component of this and supports a mission to be just a little greener every day.

Since its first appearance at the Canadian pitch competition, “Dragon’s Den”, Bohten continues to develop its initiative and product line. Marketers and business developers by trade, the company’s co-founders have used that buzz to amplify their message and continue to refine their offerings. As they learn the industry and explore areas of innovation and sustainable development, Bohten continues to work towards the ultimate goal of full manufacturing in Ghana and the continent in the next 5 years.We’re not just about a product, we want to reflect a new way of thinking. The rolling hills and the deep hues of nature’s own palette found in Kwahu, Ghana serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving what’s important. For Bohten, that is our #LuxuryReclaimed.

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