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Hi, my name is Kayann Saunders, Owner and CEO of Vincan Personal Concierge. I am a Wife, Mother and career woman with a passion for helping people. After over a decade in Corporate and Hospitality industries in Canada, I became tired of the 9-5 and felt like my desire for entrepreneurship needed to be brought to life! I paired my skills and expertise in administration and the Hospitality industry to create my brain child VINCAN.

Vincan is a simply here to organize your chaotic space, we do everything that needs to get done in your home or business, this can range from and not limited to: Home management, Grocery Shopping, Courier Services, Gift buying, small events, Pet sitting and laundry services.

Vincan came about because as a young mother I experienced firsthand how daily tasks can become insurmountable. I have worked with so many professionals who simply said, they don’t have enough time. Life is tough enough but add the daily errands that we need to run to make it easier it gets rough and chaotic.

And as the old saying goes “Time lost can never be regained” Leave the worrying to us, let us do our magic in making your life, home and business an organized space. Call or visit us today to see how we can cater a menu specially for you!


We have flexible and affordable rates available for all customers. A service at an hourly rate is more suited for one time projects, but if you would like to have ongoing, recurring work done, then our subscription packages are best for you. Becoming a subscriber also gives you priority access to our preferred service providers

Note that all cleanings are capped at a minimum of 2 hours. Errands are charged per mileage amount if the destination is more than 10 mile radius from our office.

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