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The Most Nurtured

Toronto, Canada

The Most Nurtured (TMN) is a community-based organization that promotes holistic wellness created by and for Black women.
TMN is an understanding that “survival of the fittest” is not the most accurate articulation of how to move through life. In contrast, TMN is an acknowledgement that to truly thrive and survive within society we must be nurtured, loved, celebrated and accepted.
Through community-based initiatives, we create and cultivate opportunities through which Black women can become the most nurtured versions of themselves.

To support Black women to become the most nurtured versions of themselves, and truly reflect the radiance of themselves and their communities.

To foster safe(r), culturally-responsive, anti-oppressive and accessible spaces where Black women can learn from each other, build social support networks and create strategies for survival.
To create inclusive spaces that celebrate the diversity of Black identity for Black women/femme/trans/non-binary.
To nurture the social, physical, mental, spiritual, sexual and environmental aspects of our wellness.

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