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All of our candles are soy blend candles. Vegan and animal cruelty-free. Soy candles are very mild in scent. They don’t have what we call a “hot throw”, meaning you’d need to be near them while they burned to enjoy their aromas. We want our candles to fill the room with their delicious scents, in a subtle but noticeable way. So we also use a small amount of high-grade paraffin wax to release a stronger scent than soy wax alone. We’re somewhere in between a pure soy candle, subtle and light like Natura Soy, and strong scented candles like Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works (who usually use parrafin as their main source). When you light up our candles, they’ll burn warm and slow, and you’ll absolutely smell them. It’s not a “Holy crap! That’s intense.” kind of scent. It’s more like a Goldilocks and the Three Bears, “Just right!”

Sometimes, you may notice when you receive your candle, that the wax has swirls against the glass. It’s normal for candles with soy, to make squiggles, or circles or even bubbles against the glass even though the tops are smooth. That’s just how soy likes to behave. We chose not to cover our candles with labels to hide it, we want to show the true nature of our candles! So no, you’re candle isn’t weird… each one is unique in it’s own special way!

All of our wicks are locally and responsibly sourced. We use either wood wicks or paperbound wicks that are environmentally friendly. You know we’re all about keeping this world of ours, as clean and safe as possible! You’ll receive a candle with either a wood wick or a paperbound wick. Different fragrances are released in different ways, so some of our fragrances release better through a paperbound wick.

Paperbound wicks look a lot like the wax-coated wicks most of you are probably used to, but burn just a little differently. Wood wicks (which are our personal fave and we use most often) give you a bit of a different experience. When near your burning candle, you’ll be met with a gentle crackling sound, almost like a teeny weeny indoor campfire.

Don’t worry if you’ve never burned a candle with a wood wick before! We’ve got your back.
You’ll receive some directions on how to take good care of your wood wick, along with your candle.

To stick to our guns with keeping our candles as natural as possible, we made the decision to add no artificial colouring to our candles. Slight variations in shade may occur (you might get a slightly pink, or orange candle) due to the natural process the wax goes through when we mix in our fragrances. But generally, off-white is what you’ll see. Honestly, we love the look. We wanted to create a candle that could work in any room of the house. The only thing that should stand out are the words.

“OH my, the words!”, “Wow, those words..”, “LOL! Those WORDS though!”

You get what we mean. 😉

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