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I’ve found a pattern in life, that when you’re looking for something (inspiration, a blog, a website) and you don’t find what you need, you’re moved to create it. That’s where my “Back to Black Journey” to recognize Black History Month and to celebrate Black Canadian Women began in 2018, and how my Our Mosaic Lives project came to be.  Seven accomplished women shared their personal reflections and empowering words of advice for young women and girls looking to the future. It was my privilege to meet them, make a connection and to share their profiles. I was so inspired by these amazing women and their passionate sharing of experiences, advice, and encouragement, that I’m working to continue the series.

The Our Mosaic Lives platform has led to some amazing collaborations and the creation of Community Conversations , an intimate interview series on inclusion and diversity. I’m grateful for the many opportunities to share my “We’re Better Together” philosophy when Our Mosaic Lives has been in the news . It’s also opened doors for speaking engagements, and I hope for more opportunities to encourage youth to accept diversity along their path to inclusion. With thoughts of a future book publication, there’s no limit to where this project could take me!

In the past several years I’ve embraced my #btr2gthr philosophy. It enriches my life, community and business experiences. By inclination, education and experience, I’m a public and media relations specialist with a passion for relationships. My community-minded approaches have brought for-profit and not-for-profits together to impact change through my two public relations/communications companies.

A lifelong learner, I’m always studying something new and taking courses, despite holding an MBA in Project Management, a B. Sc. in Biology, a Public Relations and a Marketing Certificate.  In my spare time, I keep busy as a mother, spouse, amateur photographer, public speaker, pianist, snowboarder, theatre enthusiast, concert goer, and freelance writer. Oh…..and now, I’m a changemaker.

Michèle Newton

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