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We can all celebrate our heritage and the beauty of who we are, in the most fanciful and adorable manner. A My Filibo is a fashion store which produces wearable lapel pins, apparels and other accessories designed with deep rooted meanings. My Filibo was launched in 2017 by a creative fashion enthusiast who was looking for a way to encourage people to celebrate their african and caribbean heritage, and proudly show off their beliefs and ancestry in a fanciful manner.
Filibos are colorful candies made from sugarcane, which is only found in Martinique, Caribbean. We chose the name Filibo because it represents the sweetness of ancestral heritage. Therefore our brand and products promote sweet cultural heritage wrapped together in a colorful light.
At My Filibo, we believe that no matter your tribe or the color of your skin, you should be proud of your origin, and show it off in your everyday dressing in a simple and elegant way. We also believe that one can set the mood for the day, make a fashion statement and showcase ones identity by just wearing simple and trendy lapel pins and other smartly designed accessories. By making those products seek to send a positive message of hope and empowerment, bring optimism and uplift spirit.
My Filibo is who you are; flaunt it!

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