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Out of all the projects, ideas and concepts I have ever created combined – this by far is my favourite. I genuinely hate how selfish creatives have become when it comes to their knowledge and client base. Before I decided to quit my job, everyone felt the need to remind me of how competitive and saturated the media industry is – I never cared and still don’t. I’m not in competition with anyone – I have found a way to develop my own style of content and the ability I have to build relationships is something only I will possess.

The KOA PRO program is my solution to reshape this industry and the negative cloud that hovers above it. I have been fortunate enough since making the transition to shooting full-time at the beginning of 2018 to travel the world, shoot countless celebrities, and capture timeless moments for a plethora of lovely couples. It goes without saying that I love what I do and quitting my office job was the best decision of my life. Nothing changes in terms of the process of booking with me; however there have been many occurrences where I am unavailable due to scheduling conflicts or traveling obligations – I hated the feeling of letting my clients down due to factors out of my control. The KOA PROS program is how I plan to control it.

I have meticulously selected an experienced group of KOA PROS possessing different areas of expertise. These KOA PROS will represent the KOA brand and have the opportunity to work with my clientele. The final product will be briefed and edited by myself before reaching the client – this method will ensure that all bookings are satisfied and each client can remain confident in the quality and professionalism of the brand. The goal of the KOA PROS program is to increase productivity as well as also provide a platform for the selected creatives to build their clientele. All photos uploaded to the KOA PROS art gallery will be credited with the KOA PRO’S name in collaboration with MR.KOA as the editor.

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