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In 2016, Nathaniel resigned from his position as Senior Business Analyst at Hydro One Networks in order to grow his investment business which now has over 1.2 million dollars in assets.
Having reached financial independence at age 25, Nathaniel is committed to empowering others so they can be financially independent too.
Nathaniel is a sought-after financial educator and keynote speaker in workshops across the GTA. He runs monthly workshops and speaks at functions such as We Rise Together. Nathaniel has a passion to break the cycle of financial miseducation in young people and he is committed to showing them how they too can create financial independence faster in their generation.
Nathaniel is intentional about surrounding himself with high-profile mentors, all of whom hold him accountable and work to support him in attaining future success in all areas of life. With his extensive network and mindset training he is able to deliver well-rounded, exceptional results for his clients.

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