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Shorlette Brown as known as Doctor Patzi of The Naturealist Clinic.  A Militant Spiritual Soldier & Warrior Woman of the Most High Creator God and the Messiah Yoshua Hamiech
Shorlette, the Scorpio was born and grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She stems from the Pentecostal church and grew up into learning the raw truth about Hebrew Israelites.
One God ; one Faith.

The 32 year old over the years found herself (knowing thyself) in the Most High the Creator’s Earth known as Mother Nature. Dr. Patzi the Earthiest & Recreationist, indulges in the Creator’s plants and herbs to Heal the Nations.

Brown, studied both at Diane Kent Clinical Herbalist Program, and the Institute of Traditional Medicine to become a Certified Clinical Herbalist Practitioner. She also learned about the traditional medicine’s teachings from other indigenous beings/ people and different nationalities. Her other previous skills and expertise includes Recreational and Leisure, Law, Military, and Personal Support worker. Brown has undergone many experiences and qualities in different sectors and areas in her life so far!
Brown is a Professional Driver in her skill trade of Transportation.

Dr.Patzi gained her name and herbal experiences from others off the streets by going around selling dry herbal loose leaf teas to diverse people. She is known for her healing medicinal teas and healing massages.
The Most High blessed Shorlette Brown to be a Healer, Counsellor, Advisor, Listener, Singer, and a humorous teacher!

Today, she is a Holistic Minister- A combination of Scriptures and Spiritual Herbalist Speaker.
Well come to Dr. Patzi the Naturealist and much more!

Email us at: drnatrealiz@gmail.comm


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