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Creating dope shit, always.

– A first time homeowner
– A knack for crafting
– An affection for hosting

The entire experience of buying a home and making it your own can be crazy (both good crazy and bad crazy). Whether you’ve bought a home, are re-locating, or just (re)creating a space where you feel your best, Dope Haus is here for it all honey! Consider it a one stop shop, a “hub” if you will, for all things home, gift, and wellness.

Dope Haus is all about practicality, community building, small details, and style – it starts within. From greeting cards that’re guaranteed to get a chuckle to DIY decals and digital prints to spruce up your place. All product concepts, videos, and blog posts are carefully curated by millennial women of colour. And we’re Canadian, so yes, we spell “color”, “colour”.

Open to connections, open to collaborations, and open to abundance.

Enjoy, xoxo


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