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DashikiPride was started by three sisters; Mirian Chinyere Ugokwe, MarySonia Chizoba Ugokwe, and Lilian Chioma Ugokwe. Aged 20 and 21 year old (Mirian and Lilian are twins), these three siblings were born and raised in Aba, Nigeria. Entrepreneurship has always been an avenue which they sought after as their parents are avid entrepreneurs. Moving to the United States in June 2007, they sought to always keep their African upbringing alive. Starting DashikiPride in the summer of 2014, these entrepreneurs hoped to share and educate the world about their beautiful African culture. Knowing the importance of giving back to their community, proceeds from DashikiPride have gone to building various charitable works. Stating their company’s mission, the founders quote “DashikiPride stands for unity and freedom and we invite everyone from all culture and work of life to share this emancipation through our clothes and product”. We also hope to empower young entrepreneurs and women to pursue their dreams. Everyone should strive to take that giant leap of faith in starting a goal and seeing it through. You are never too young or too old to start up something big. The small steps and process could teach the biggest lessons. Never give up on yourself—Be the change you want to see in the world!

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