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First of all I would like to say thank you for visiting our site!
First Fun Fact:  The Owner of ByJoi Events Group’s name is not Joi.  Hello my name is Barbra-Joi and the name of my company was dedicated to my mom.  Having a hyphenated name growing up I always shortened it and most people ended up knowing me as Barbra.  So after hearing for the million time from my mom how Barbra was not my name I decided to find a way for her to hear it as much as possible.

Second Fun Fact:  The spelling of name is the Barbra not Barbara so don’t worry I didn’t spell my name wrong and both me and Barbra Streisand have the same spelling.

With over 10 years in the restaurant and catering industry we wanted to bring that passion for food and entertaining to every event regardless the type, size or budget.  Our food is globally inspired and takes from many of the cultures that make up our beautiful country.  We strive to 100% be eco- friendly and in warm months encourage clients take all events to the beautiful outdoors.
In addition to some great ready to serve options in 2020 we started offering two new unique styles of service.

Picnics In The 6ix GTA’s first picnic company offering unique luxe boho inspired picnics at beautiful locations in our cities or at your own home.

The second addition is ByJoi Bistro, the perfect way for casual dining.  Customized or packaged menus served plated or family style in your very own private pop up restaurant.
We also have our A.R.K project that will be featured on our social media platforms.  A.R.K stands for acts of random kindness.  All our clients have the opportunity to enter a nomination into a quarterly draw to give us the opportunity to provide one of our services complimentary.  I am a strong pay it forward believer : )
Hope you enjoy the site and your mouth is watering or you’re just super giddy because you know you found the perfect company to work with.  Either one enjoy the moment.

Third Fun Fact:  We are pretty awesome so give us a call or send a email to book your event today!

Remember everyday is an event…make sure you are living like it.
Take Care and Chat Soon!

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