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Jeff is an author of a critically acclaimed children’s book, “Brothers from the 6/ Sisters from the 6: Role Models in my Community”. 100% of the book’s proceeds go towards Jeff’s Toronto based, non-profit organization “Brothas from the 6”Jeff is also the co-author of “Knew Me” a personal development book geared toward men’s issues.

Jeff is also the host of the “Motivating from the 6” podcast. A globally downloaded personal development series that has received praise from blog sights from around the world, including as far as Japan.

Jeff is also an award-winning professional speaker. In 2019, he came in third in a well known, international speaking competition. One round shy of competing in the global championship round.

With his career and life experiences, coupled with his benevolence and passion to inspire, Jeff A.D. Martin shares his gift of purpose in efforts to help others find their true potential.

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